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24 Things You Must Know Before Moving To The UK

British humour, Free healthcare
Britain has a special appeal that captures the attention of practically everyone who visits or is fortunate enough to call it home. It is delightfully diversified and incomprehensibly gorgeous. Whether you're considering a first trip abroad or live in the UK, you may be curious about some of the things that make the country unique.

With its magnificent scenery, diverse population, and abundance of job and educational possibilities, the United Kingdom has so much to contribute to anyone and everyone. It's the optimal approach to begin the next chapter of your life. Although the UK has close ties to other countries, there are still a number of significant disparities between them. Check out our list of things to know about the UK below before plunging wholeheartedly into a life of ‘fish & chips, ‘Shakespeare and football’.

Jokes and humour

When meeting new individuals in the UK, be prepared for frequent distributions of sarcasm and irony because Brits enjoy dry humour. At first, it could seem as though your new friends are avoiding you, but don't worry—all it's in good fun. Insults are frequently exchanged between friends in British conversation.

Social drinking is very common

In the UK, one will undoubtedly become accustomed to drinking much more. Most days, having a drink after work won't be unusual, and alcohol is typically involved in social events.

Social class

A sizable section of the population in the UK economy is class aware. On the other hand, people in the UK typically don't hear an accent to infer someone else's tax bracket right away.

Mostly free public healthcare

The British government established the National Healthcare Service (NHS) in 1948 to aid the citizens amid a post-war economic downturn and make healthcare available to everyone. The UK still receives healthcare services from the NHS, which is currently financed by income taxes.

You probably think that free healthcare is too extraordinary to be true. Okay, sort of. The majority of NHS services are free for users, although some special treatments and the majority of prescriptions still need payment.

Kids going to school alone

Children are typically dropped off at school by their parents, babysitters, or other caregivers in most countries worldwide. Another frequent sight is a school bus picking up kids from their homes. The most striking sight, though, is watching kids in the UK go alone on public transportation or walk alone to school. Some of these kids are as young as 10!

Usefulness of an electric kettle

According to the managing director of UK Business Insider, who is from the US says, in the country, most people prefer an electric kettle to a stove.

The love for tea

From the simple tea break to the sophisticated afternoon tea served at the most upscale London hotels, tea has become ingrained in the British way of life. There's no doubt that the British love the flavour of tea, whether they drink it simply or with milk, sugar, lemon, or other additions. The Tea and Infusions Organization estimates that Brits drink 60 billion cups annually.

From countryside to coastline

The UK is home to some of Europe's most breathtaking vistas. The Cotswolds, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, or the Welsh Valleys are good places to go if you want a view of the countryside. If you desire to inhale the briny air of the ocean, then Visit Cornwall or Devon to see the breathtaking shoreline.

There are also charming towns and villages all around the UK with streets that bear the scars of centuries of history. Even some of the bigger cities, like Bath and Edinburgh, have managed to maintain their ancient allure despite growing over the years.

Getting a travel pass

In the UK, arranging a travel pass as soon as you land is advised since purchasing individual trip tickets will be costly and take time. When moving to London, sign up for an Oyster card immediately and become familiar with the TfL travel planner.

Shop timings

In the UK, the majority of stores, including corner shops and convenience stores, are open for a very long time. In mainland Europe, grocery stores are closed on weekends, while in the UK, supermarkets are open until late every day.

The ‘friendliness’ of Londoners

Given that London is the capital of the UK, which typically apologises for practically everything, the locals can be somewhat irritable. There is a tonne of fun to be had in the capital of the UK, along with amazing people and adventures around every corner.

Making friends has its proper time and place, though, and it seems that rush hour on the subway is neither of those. In London, it's uncommon to make eye contact, and getting a stranger's smile is even more unusual.

Love for TV shows

You soon won't be able to avoid names like the Great British Bake Off and Love Island, two TV programmes that influence the social calendar in the UK.

Saying sorry

In the UK, everyone offers an apology for almost anything.

Magnificent transportation facility

Since the United Kingdom is small, travelling about and seeing as much of it as possible is relatively simple. For instance, it will only take a train around five hours to get from London to Edinburgh and only two hours to travel from London to Wales. You can fly or take a ferry if you wish to travel to Northern Ireland.

All major UK cities have a variety of transportation options, including the Underground and national rail, bikes and buses, Uber and black cabs. Public transportation may be less frequent in rural locations, though.

Brits are proud of their history

Many travel writers and experts who live and work in the UK claim that the British are extremely proud of their heritage and that they proudly display it everywhere. One such instance occurred with a famous Reddit user from the US when he visited a pub in England, and they had a brief history of the establishment. He then realised that he was in a pub that was older than his entire nation.

Walk instead of taking a bus

In the UK, getting off the bus and walking can occasionally be faster. During rush hour, walking for 30 minutes can be quicker than taking a bus, which typically takes 10 minutes.

Limited nightlife

Contrary to other parts of Europe, where people stroll the streets on weekends while drinking and laughing, in the UK, there are no such open spaces like squares or streets with lots of bars and nightlife where people can just stroll and converse.

Pub timings

Despite the popularity of pubs in the UK, most of them close by midnight or 11 p.m.

Property markets

Looking for a flat a week before intending to move in is acceptable since the property market moves swiftly in the UK's major cities, especially London.

Entering a bank

Anyone can enter a bank in the United Kingdom without being screened or frisked. In contrast to other countries where accessing a bank requires a card, banks in the UK resemble more typical retail establishments, and customers are allowed to enter without going through security.

Holidaying is pretty easy

A benefit of being in the UK is how simple it is to travel to the rest of Europe, even though there are many interesting destinations to visit both inside and outside the country. Spain, France, and Italy are the most popular vacation spots for Britons, partly due to the allure of these magnificent nations and the fact that they are straightforward to reach.

Thanking bus drivers

In the UK, it's customary etiquette to express gratitude to your bus driver for the ride.

Separate tap for hot and cold water

Sinks with separate hot and cold water taps are unique to the UK. Techies in the UK spoke about their experiences living in various locations where they had to quickly swing their hands from one faucet to the next to avoid getting their hands burned or frozen.

Regional disparity

In the UK, certain areas are friendlier than others. According to numerous experts, individuals from the south, in their experience, are typically far less amiable and open to making new friends than those from the north.

That is all the information you could ask for before relocating to the UK from anywhere in the world. You'll have a great time and find something that's right for you wherever in the UK you decide to settle.