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Status of Women in the UK Tech Sector



March-May 2022

Welcome From Technologist Confidant

Welcome to the world of Technologist Confidant – your one-stop platform for the UK tec... Read More

Welcome From Technologist Confidant

On Reflection!

The successful launch of Technologist Confidant’s first edition: How to BEAT the uncertaint... Read More

On Reflection


March-May 2022

Women in Technology: Reasons for Low Participation

Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained global economic growth that fosters quality of life an... Read More

Women in Technology

What is the Landscape for Women in Technology in the United Kingdom?

The tech sector in the United Kingdom has a robust startup environment, a thriving investment com... Read More

Women in Technology

The United Kingdom and India compared: Women in Technology

India has a higher concentration of women in entry-level positions and the UK in mid-level roles.... Read More

Women in Technology


March-May 2022

Here’s What the UK Tech Sector Offers to Female Technologists

Tech talent crisis combined with increased global competition forced the UK to implement strategi... Read More

Female Technologists

Women Tech Entrepreneur in the UK: Inspiring Story of Tugce Bulut

Men in the UK corporate sector have traditionally outnumbered women. The statistics aren't en... Read More

Women Tech Entrepreneur in the UK

Notable Steps UK is Taking to Tackle Gender Disparity in Tech

The worldwide gender gap is 32 per cent, and it must be overcome if universal gender parity is to... Read More

Tackle Gender Disparity in Tech


March-May 2022

Somi Arian: “If we want to change, we need to do it from within, by reaching places of influence.”

Tech philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice, Somi A... Read More

Somi Arian

Susana-Ponce Froment: “UK is providing opportunities to both women and men, now’s the time to explore.”

Fintech & Innovation Leader, Women in Tech Advocate, Speaker, Top 50 Women in Fintech in Cana... Read More


Sheree Atcheson: “UK tech is the most exciting industry in the world; you have an opportunity to do something amazing."

One of the UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech & an international multi-award winner... Read More

Sheree Atcheson

Renee Hawkins: “Many businesses focusing on diversity, women are in a strong position of employability.”

The winner of Woman of the Year 2021 in Women in Tech Excellence awards, Renee Hawkins brings the... Read More

Renee Hawkins

Raghu Kerakkaty: "UK tech landscape is changing; making it friendlier for women"

The major drawback in the global technology industry is not the lack of talent, resources and opp... Read More

Raghu Kerakkaty

Oriyomi Fowler: “Women with determination have pushed against all gender stereotypes”.

Winner of Excellence award 2020 for Security Infrastructure Engineering and Information Asset Sec... Read More

Oriyomi Fowler


March-May 2022

On Britishness: The British Sense of Humour

The British have their brand of humour, and what makes them laugh may leave you wondering your he... Read More

The British Sense of Humour

Immigrant Story: An Inspiring Story of Starting with Nothing and Making Billions

Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of London for Business, went from having nothing in his pocket t... Read More

Rajesh Agrawal

Expert Advice: How to find a job in London?

Many people wonder what it's like to work in a big city. For some, it appears to be a dauntin... Read More

job in London

Who Is Making Tech Headlines In The UK?

The growth of the technology sector of the UK underlines the country’s ambition to be the b... Read More

Making Tech Headlines In The UK

UK Career Advice: Cybersecurity Career Pathway

UK cities, including London, are booming as a result of the inclusion of new digital businesses a... Read More

UK Career Advice

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