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2022: A Year Of Opportunity For Technologists

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  • 04 Jan 2022, 06:17 AM
  • By Technologist Confidant
A Year Of Opportunity For Technologists

As the UK technology industry embarks on the new year 2022 with massive developments and uncountable opportunities, your career guide for the UK tech sector ‘Technologist Confidant’ is ready to assist you with all the information, expertise, and industry insights you need to succeed in your next career goal.

As we turn the page towards 2022, many of us take a moment to reflect on our successes while also learning from our failures. The start of the year is a fantastic time to think about career goals and strategise how to reach them. And one of the new year resolutions that invigorate and excite most of us to get the year started is international experience.


Why is an overseas career important?

It is often said, "an overseas experience provides a real competitive advantage and makes one vastly more marketable". Exposure to international organisations will positively impact an individual's skill set, thereby giving them the platform for skill development and a new experience to cherish. Alongside the skill development, the other opportunities include personal growth and help expand one's network globally. The experience of working in a foreign country is also a boost for a career, giving the person a competitive edge over others. 

But yes, international careers are not always one-way traffic. With opportunities, there are many challenges that individuals might encounter. International careers make people reliant on the country, and its economic, political and cultural situations - employment policy, work culture, ethical norms, rules, principles, values and lifestyles, and not being fully aware of them might lead to a career disaster. Complex employment regulations and visas are another augmenting challenges of an international career. International talents who are unfamiliar with the numerous immigration and visa procedures face difficulties in their careers.


UK & Technology

Despite such international career challenges, technologists worldwide are entering the UK job market and living their dreams. This is because working in the UK offers amazing opportunities for being in touch with the latest technologies, innovative science and world-class engineering; 2021 was a remarkable year in the history of the UK's digital technology sector. The year has witnessed record-breaking venture capital investments of £26 billion, 116 unicorns, and 50% increased job openings. 


How can Technologist Confidant help technologists? 

All the way around, Technologist Confidant has supported technologists to fulfil their international career goals by producing extensively researched and well-articulated articles. With the onset of the new year, we propose to inform our readers more about the opportunities in the UK tech sector and enable more technologists to realise the careers of their dreams in the UK technology sector. 

We at the Technologist Confidant aspire to address the challenges witnessed by business leaders and international tech talents to overcome their everyday struggle of comprehending new work culture, complex employment regulation and factors responsible for career advancement in the UK. We also understand that our readers are incredibly busy professionals with limited time for readings; therefore, we curated credible, concise, and enjoyable content to read.

We look forward to assisting our readers to achieve new heights of international career success by providing them with information, expertise, and insider insights. We express our gratitude to our readers for inspiring our team to create unique and high-quality content, and we wish all our readers a happy, prosperous new year 2022!

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